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Homeschool Music programs for all levels

We offer a variety of homeschool programs along the front range of Colorado. 

Designed to explore and ignite a love for music

Affordable Music programs for families

Our program is designed keeping families in mind. A wide variety of classes offered in one day allow students to take multiple classes. 

Ignite the fire in your student knowing our affordable music program for families will allow multiple ages and skill levels of students to find the classes they need, all within the same day and convenient time frames. 

General Music students with sheet music sitting on the floor

General Music

No Experience Needed. Ages 5-8

General Music is designed for Students new to music. Generally, ages 5-8, but older students may be advised to join if they have no experience. 

What your Student Will Learn
Is your student ready? 

Student readiness is important to run a successful music program. Your child must have these developmental skills order to join the General Music Class. 

pre-band students play NUVO instruments


ages 7+
What is pre-band??

Pre-band is for students aspiring to be in band. Unfortunately, in this age range, students are not physically able to play full-size instruments yet.

Pre-band uses instruments called NUVO instruments. They are sized for younger students and prepares them for larger instruments such as the Clarinet, Sax, Brass Horn, and Flute. Pre-band can be repeated yearly until they are ready to move to Beginning Band. f

what your student will learn
Is your student ready? 

Student readiness checklist and requirements for Pre-band

Young choir I students singing

Choir I

No Experience Necessary Ages 5 and up.
Is your student ready? 

The student must have general music knowledge, or be enrolled in General Music in order to participate in  Choir I.

Students ages 5 and Up will experience making music together, learning music reading through Solfeggio, and and expressing themselves through movement. 

What your student will learn in Choir I
Choir II older students singing on stage

Choir II

Intermediate/ previous experience
Is your student ready? 

Students will enjoy music exercises and activities they have learned in General Misic and Choir I, but with an increased focus placed on choir performance.

Students that want to participate in Choir II will need to have completed Choir I , or have completed another music program. A director will need to approve the student into the program 

NO Auditions Required:
However, you will schedule a “Voice Check” at the beginning of the semester. This is a chance to hear each singer’s voice. This is a simple 5-minute process that helps the director find the student’s vocal range and hear voice quality. No prepared song is required. Students will sing simple scales, match pitches, and sing a familiar song. 
What your student will learn in Choir II
orchestra students in class

Orchestra I & II

Beginner, Intermediate Ages 8 and Up

Orchestra I is for students with little to no experience.

What your Student will learn in Orchestra I

Orchestra II

What your Student will learn in Orchestra II

Drumline Students performing at a homeschool music concert

Percussion: Drumline I & II

Beginner & Intermediate Levels Ages 10+ unless approved by an instructor for younger students

Drumline Requirements

 Drumline I is available to all students with at least a year of music experience, to include the understanding and reading of rhythms with whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and whole, half, quarter and eighth rests

 Drumline II will require an audition and/or director approval from Drumline I. 


beginner band class students rehearsing with director

Beginner Band

No Experience Needed. Ages 9 and up or when the student has developed the physical abilities needed to play the desired instrument.

No music experience needed, but is helpful. Students should be prepared to practice 20-45 minutes/day. Perseverance & patience are social developmental skills the student will need depending on the chosen instrument. 

Instrument Options

**Some instruments may be too large for student to start on until they grow. There are usually smaller instruments in the same family that a student will learn on that will prepare them for the larger instruments.

Intermediate Homeschool Band Standing on stage after a concert performance

Intermediate Band

Experience needed

Intermediate follows Beginner Band. 

**Students should be prepared to practice no less than 30-45 minutes/day, 5-6 days/week.

Is your student ready? 

Requirements and audition information for Intermediate band:

Homeschool Band students on stage performing with the director

Concert Band

Advanced- Tryouts Required
Auditions and Student Readiness

Auditions are required for advanced programs. 

The Student will continue to review music education that has already been obtained and continue to grow in ensemble playing with their chosen instrument. 

What students should know for concert band and auditions


Instrument Choices:
Available instruments include flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto, tenor and bari saxophone, trumpet, French horn, baritone, trombone, tuba and percussion. Some instruments may be too large for student to start on until they grow. There are usually smaller instruments in the same family that a student will learn on that will prepare them for the larger instruments.

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