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Homeschool Music programs for all levels

We offer a variety of homeschool music programs along the front range of Colorado. 

Designed to explore and ignite a love for music

Affordable Music programs for families

Our program is designed keeping families in mind. A wide variety of classes offered in one day allow students to take multiple classes. 

Ignite the fire in your student knowing our affordable music program for families will allow multiple ages and skill levels of students to find the classes they need, all within the same day and convenient time frames. 

General Music students with sheet music sitting on the floor

General Music

No Experience Needed. Ages 5-8

Beginner music classes to teach foundational music literacy and appreciation through exploration, games, and rote learning. Skills taught are pitch matching, solfege with Curwen hand signs, basic music reading, folk songs, sacred songs, singing in a round, partner songs, comparatives (high/low, same/different, fast/slow, soft/loud), beat, rhythm, dynamics, phrases, most notes and rests. Music history and introduction to instruments will be included as well. (If an ensemble requires General Music as a prerequisite, 2 years of private study can exempt child from taking this class.)

What your Student Will Learn
Is your student ready? 

Student readiness is important to run a successful music program. Your child must have these developmental skills in order to join the General Music Class. 

pre-band students play NUVO instruments


Pre-Band for 7+ must have 1/2 year of General Music and approval from director
What is pre-band??

Pre-Band is an invitation only class. Students taking General Music in the fall will be assessed for instrumental readiness and maturity. Selected students will be invited to partake in this class.

Pre-band is for younger students aspiring to be in band. At 7 or 8 years old, students are not usually physically able to play or even hold full-size instruments properly.

Pre-band uses  NUVO instruments which are lighter and downsized for younger students and prepares them for the like band instrument such as the Clarinet, Sax, Brass and Flute. Those students wishing to play percussion can use a bell set or glockenspiel. Pre-band can be repeated yearly until they are ready to move to Beginning Band.

What your student will learn:
Is your student ready? 

Student readiness checklist and requirements for Pre-band

Young choir I students singing

Choir I-Bella Voce

K-5th grade

Skills taught will build on what students have learned/are learning in General Music class and will also be taught phrases, pitch matching, absolute pitch names, solfege skills, putting solfege on the staff, music reading, rhythm reading, note names, two-part singing, all notes and rests, beginning breathing techniques, vowel formation, dynamics, and diction. There will be two formal concerts per semester.

Students ages 5 and Up will experience making music together, learning music reading through solfege, and expressing themselves through movement. 

What your student will learn in Choir I
Choir II older students singing on stage

Choir II-Cantare

Middle School-High School
Is your student ready? 

Advanced music class and choir for middle school and high school aged students. Skills taught will build on what students have learned in past classes and will also include some two but mainly three-part singing, singing with dynamics, phrasing, articulation, solfege skills, breathing, diction, singing in a variety of languages, sight reading, and small ensemble singing. There will be two formal concerts per semester and the ensemble will participate in Homeschool Music Fest Days.

NO Auditions Required:
However, you will schedule a “Voice Check” at the beginning of the semester. This is a chance to hear each singer’s voice. This is a simple 5-minute process that helps the director find the student’s vocal range and hear voice quality. No prepared song is required. Students will sing simple scales, match pitches, and sing a familiar song. 
What your student will learn in Choir II
orchestra students in class

Orchestra I

Beginner, Intermediate Ages 8 and Up

This class is designed for students with little or no experience.

Students will learn the basics of how to care for their instruments, proper technique, posture and bow hold which will lead to the production of a good quality sound. Each student will learn the notes for their specific staff (treble, alto, bass). Whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth note rhythms will be introduced and the D and G Major scales, as well. The class will learn and perform as an ensemble.

What your Student will learn in Orchestra I

Orchestra II

Intermediate Orchestra is for those who have completed Orchestra I and can demonstrate such skills in the placement audition, to take place before classes begin. Students will improve music reading and music theory skills, more Major scales using the Circle of Fifths and key signatures. Minor scales will be introduced along with more complex rhythms and dotted rhythms. Bowing techniques will continue to be honed. Playing and performing with the entire ensemble, opportunities to play in duets, trios and quartets are just some of the things students have to look forward to!

What your Student will learn in Orchestra II

Drumline Students performing at a homeschool music concert

Percussion: Drumline I & II

Beginner & Intermediate Levels Ages 10+ unless approved by an instructor for younger students

Drumline Requirements

 Drumline I is available to all students with at least a year of music experience, to include the understanding and reading of rhythms with whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and whole, half, quarter and eighth rests

 Drumline II will require an audition and/or director approval from Drumline 

beginner band class students rehearsing with director

Beginning Band

No Experience Needed. Ages 9 and up or when the student has developed the physical abilities needed to play the desired instrument.

No music experience needed. Students should be prepared to practice 20-45 minutes/day, as we progress through out the year. Perseverance & patience are the skills needed for success while developing most skills. Playing a musical instrument is no different!

Instrument Options

**Some instruments may be too large for student to start on until they grow. There are usually smaller instruments in the same family that a student will learn on that will prepare them for the larger instruments.

Intermediate Homeschool Band Standing on stage after a concert performance

Intermediate Band

Experience needed

Intermediate is for students that have successfully completed Beginning Band. A Placement Audition is required before classes begin. 

**Students should be prepared to practice no less than 30-45 minutes/day, 5-6 days/week.

Is your student ready? 

Requirements and audition information for Intermediate band:

Music history-Journey Through Music

No experience needed. Ages10 and up

Students will be taken on a music journey beginning in ancient times all the way through to the present, starting with where music began. These young musicians will grow their understanding with music vocabulary, composer and composition recognition and the differences between musical genres.

Colorado Springs only.

What Students will learn in Journey Through Music

Percussion Fundamentals

No experience needed. Ages 9 and up.

Who should take this class?

What Students will learn in Percussion Fundamentals

Homeschool Band students on stage performing with the director

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