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    What are Homeschool Music Fest Days?

    Homeschool Music Fest Days (formerly known as Colorado Homeschool Arts or CHA) began in 2022. The two days include a Solo & Ensemble Contest where all homeschooled musicians can shine as soloists or in student lead ensembles; Concert Festival brings in Concert Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, Jazz Bands and Drumlines from homeschool music organizations. In state and out of state organizations are all welcome.

    Solo & Ensemble Festival

    Voice, orchestra, concert band and piano students may play a solo or participate in an ensemble or both. Each event will be held in the presence of a single adjudicator and participants will be given feedback at the end of the performance.

    Concert Festival

    Bands, Choirs, Orchestras and Drumlines lead by a conductor will perform for a panel of judges. The adjudicators will assess the performance and provide feedback during a personalized clinic immediately following the performance. Do you have a large group of excellent young musicians (8 or more)? Ask us, it might be a good fit for Homeschool Music Fest Days.

    *All student participants must meet their state’s definition of homeschooler. Parent/guardian participation (see Ensembles under FESTIVAL RULES)

    Solo & Ensemble, February 29, 2024 9am – 6pm

    $15 solo and $10 per each person in an ensemble

    • Class 1 participants are proficient at their instrument.
    • Class 2 participants are intermediate players with more than 1 year on their instrument.
    • Class 3 participants are beginners with less than or equal to 1 year on their instrument.

    If you are unsure of your class, you can reach out to your director or private lesson instructor.

    Solos are pieces performed by you alone or with piano accompaniment. Ensembles are pieces performed by two or more student participants, usually playing similar instruments.


    • Band instruments
    • Orchestral string instruments
    • Voice
    • Piano

    Concert Festival, March 1, 2024 9am – 6pm

    • $100 for each group
    • Beginner Ensembles up to 15 minutes worth of music.
    • Intermediate & Advanced up to 20 minutes worth of music.

    Festival Rules


    • Class 1 participants must use piano accompaniment, unless the accompaniment is not required by the score.
    • Class 2 participants must use accompaniment-piano or CD is acceptable.
    • Class 3 participants can perform without piano or CD accompaniment.
    • Music chosen should be equal to the participants skill level.


    • Piano duets: only one piano is provided in a room. Participants should plan to bring keyboards as necessary.
    • As this event is for homeschoolers, parents may participate as needed, in a non-leading role in an ensemble.
    • Parents, if you have never gotten to participate in a Solo and Ensemble event, you may do so as the schedule allows.

    Junior Class

    A Junior Soloist instrumentalist participant is a younger beginner who may play a pre-band instrument (recorder or Nuvo), or band/string students still in the first half of a beginning method book. A Junior Vocalist may choose to sing a folk song or simple melody.

    The performance time for the prepared selection(s) shall not exceed 5 minutes (including time needed for tuning.) The Junior Soloist event shall consist of a minimum of 16 published measures or a performance time of at least 60 seconds.

    Please ask your child’s private lesson instructor or director for guidance of music selections.


    1. Each entry shall supply the judge with a clean original score of their selection. The only markings should be measure numbers. Failure to supply such a score shall result in the contestant’s rating being automatically lowered by one rating.
    2. Unpublished works, including student compositions, are not allowed.
    3. Public domain or digital printed music is allowed provided the director lists the exact internet address for their score and provides proof of purchase (if applicable). A copy of the score is required and should be made available to the contest manager and judges.
    4. Photocopied music, other than previously mentioned, may be provided to judges only in an “Emergency” shall be defined as cases in which music is out of print with no new score available and/or purchased music copies are backordered. Written evidence, in the form of a school purchase order and/or a written statement from the supplier, shall be required to document the “emergency.” The penalty for violation shall be reduction of rating by one rating.



    Homeschool Music Fest Days does not provide lists of repertoire with class designations; however, it is possible to use state solo and ensemble lists to find an appropriate composition for the skill level of the performer.


    The choice of appropriate selections, suited to the performers’ capabilities and in keeping with the classification of the schools they represent, is always an important factor in the awarding of ratings.


    Music may be performed in a key other than that in which it is written, provided it is suitable to the contestant(s).


    Colorado Homeschool Music (the host of Homeschool Music Fest Days) assumes no responsibility for the payment of any royalties or other fees in connection with the performance of any music.


    1. Entries need not be accompanied unless the accompaniment is required by the score. If a performance is accompanied, accompaniment must be by piano, harp or any other instrument designated for accompaniment in the score. A CD accompaniment is acceptable for Class 2 & 3 solos.
    2. Accompanists may help with on-stage tuning for solos and ensembles, but assistance by anyone else is prohibited.
    3. The name of the accompanist MUST be indicated when registering entries.
    4. It is strongly recommended that students be used as accompanists in all events for which accompaniment is provided. However, non-students, including directors, may serve as accompanists if necessary.
    5. Piano solos may not be accompanied.


    1. Instrumental Events: There is no memorization requirement for instrumental entries.
    2. Vocal Events: All vocal entries shall be performed from memory.


    Vocal performances may be sung in any language.


    The performance time for the prepared selection(s) shall not exceed six minutes (including time needed for tuning.) Solo/Ensemble events shall consist of a minimum of 64 published measures or a performance time of at least 90 seconds. The performance of two short selections is allowed.

    Junior Class Performance Time

    The performance time for the prepared selection(s) shall not exceed 5 minutes (including time needed for tuning.) The Junior Soloist event shall consist of a minimum of 16 published measures or a performance time of at least 60 seconds. Please ask your child’s private lesson instructor or director for guidance of music selections.


    1. Doubling of parts is permitted in instrumental events, but may not exceed two players per part.
    2. An ensemble’s instrumentation must properly represent the intentions of the score. In brass and woodwind choirs, percussion may be used if it is an integral part of the score. Instrumental substitutions are allowed when necessary. For example, a tenor sax may substitute for a baritone/euphonium in a Brass Choir. It is in the best interest of the ensemble to stay as close to the score as possible.

    Violations & Penalties


    If a violation which involves disqualification is discovered and reported after the close of contest, any awards won as the result of rating shall be forfeited.

    1. Failure to submit required score to adjudicators. Individual parts do not constitute a score.
    2. Failure to supply each judge with a score for each selection with each measure numbered.
    3. Failure to perform with accompaniment in the event accompaniment is required by the score.
    4. Entries exceeding the time limit up to one minute or entries not satisfying the minimum time and/or measure requirements.
    5. Use of music in a vocal entry.


    For violation of the following rules and regulations, the penalty shall be disqualification:

    1. Violation of rules of eligibility. Discovery of the participation of an ineligible student with an ensemble or organization shall result in the disqualification of the group with which he/she participated.
    2. Ensemble performing under direction of adult.
    3. Entries exceeding the time limit by one minute or more.
    4. Entries with repertoire selection containing vulgar, foul and inappropriate language or message.


    If a violation which involves disqualification is discovered and reported after the close of contest, any awards won as the result of rating

      If contestants are found guilty of carelessness or maliciously breaking, damaging or destroying property or equipment belonging to the host school, such school shall be held responsible for costs incurred in replacing or repairing such property or equipment.
      The use of tobacco or liquid nicotine products in any competition area, either during a practice or while a contest is in progress, or affiliated property of any Colorado Homeschool Music (host organization) or Vista Grande Baptist Church by any conductor, musician, accompanist or any other person connected with a musician, or fan shall be prohibited. Contestants and their friends, family or guardian shall consider the host site to be tobacco/liquid nicotine free zones on the date or dates of any Homeschool Fest Music Days event being held at the site.
      Colorado Homeschool Music (host organization) nor Vista Grande Baptist Church will not be responsible for loss or theft of any personal property during the course of a contest.

    Ratings & Awards

    1. RATINGS
      Ensembles and solos in the respective music events shall be rated in five divisions as follows:

      Division I

      Division II

      Division III

      Division IV

      Division V

      Judges may elect to use tenths of points in their ratings. Scores will not be rounded.


      Medals shall be awarded to soloists and members of ensembles receiving a Division I Rating in Sweepstakes and Non-sweepstakes events.

    Concert Festival

    1. Perform for Ratings. Each organization shall perform for ratings.
    2. Adjudication Criteria. Each organization shall be evaluated in accordance with the Homeschool Music Fest Days’ large ensemble adjudication rubric. There is a specific adjudication rubric for each ensemble type.
    3. There is no required music list. The compositions you choose should fit your ensemble and encourage educational and musical growth.
    4. Performers. The director of a band, orchestra or choir may not perform with the organization. However, assistant or co-directors may perform with the organization in a supporting role where no student is able to perform. Parents may perform with the organization but may not take lead roles when there is a competent student available for said part.
    5. Repetition. The following will govern the repetition of a composition for performance purposes in a composite group.
      1. An organization in a one or two-year program may repeat a selection in the second year after the most recent performance.
      2. An organization in a three-year program may repeat a selection in the third year after the most recent performance.
      3. An organization in a four-year program may repeat a selection in the fourth year after the most recent performance.
    6. Multiple Performance of String Orchestra Selection Prohibited. A full orchestra and string orchestra from the same program shall not perform the same string orchestra selection on both programs.
    7. Performing Time.
      In order for the event to run smoothly, please do not go over the allotted time.


      1. Class 3 Beginning Bands, orchestras, choirs and drumlines shall be limited to 15 minutes of performance. Clinician will spend up to 15 minutes with ensemble following performance. Musicians must clear stage within 5 minutes after clinician is finished.
      2. Class 2 and 1 Bands, orchestras, choirs and drumlines shall be limited to not more than 20 minutes for performance. Clinician will spend up to 20 minutes with ensemble following performance. Musicians must clear stage within 5 minutes after clinician is finished.
      3. Choirs shall be limited to not more than 20 minutes, including performance, clinician segment and entering and clearing the stage.
    8. Scores. Each judge shall be provided with a copyright compliant full score with measures numbered. Judges are prohibited from adjudicating a performance if a copyright compliant full score is not provided.
    9. Instrumentation. While judges shall be instructed to critique instrumentation only insofar as it affects the performance, organizations are encouraged to conform as closely as possible with accepted standards of instrumentation.
      1. As small Bands and Orchestras may have instrumentation missing, it is permissible to have other instruments play these missing parts. Please provide this information to the judges with the score.
    10. Electronics.
      1. The use of electronic sound, to reinforce or to substitute for acoustical instruments that are a traditional part of the band or orchestra instrumentation, is prohibited.
      2. The use of recorded accompaniment CDs with voices for choirs is prohibited.
      3. Electronics may be used for other instruments specified in the score under the following provisions:
        1. The substitute shall be performed live as a part of the performance.
        2. It shall be the responsibility of the performing group director to provide all equipment.
      4. The use of electronics may be considered by each judge in determining the overall rating for the performance.


    Each judge shall assign one of the following ratings in accordance with established Homeschool Music Fest Days’ Concert Festival adjudication rubrics: Division I (Superior), Division II (Excellent), Division III (Average), Division IV (Below Average), Division V (Poor). The performance of the soloist, ensemble, or organization shall be the only factor considered when determining ratings.

    1. Final Rating. If judgesratings do not agree, the following chart will determine the rating to be awarded:
      Charts for Computing Ratings – Three Judges-Five Ratings
      Rating IRating IIRating IIIRating IVRating V

      Judges shall not add plus (+) or minus (-) to ratings.

    2. Irregularities. The judge shall call to the attention of the contest director any irregularities of performance or procedure on the part of the participant(s). The contest director in consultation with an impartial third party shall determine what penalties will follow, if any.

    3. Discourteous Conduct. Judges shall report any act of discourtesy by a participant or music director to the contest director, who shall then meet with said person and an impartial third party, in order to understand and correct the situation.

    4. Judge Conferences. Judges shall be instructed not to confer before ratings are placed on comment sheets.

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