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To build a lifelong love of music for students and families and build a strong community through music education in  the Homeschool Community. 


To continue to build and grow homeschoolers throughout the state of Colorado via group classes and multiple performance opportunities . 


To build Character and perseverence in each student based on Christian Principles.

A Few Words About Us

How Colorado Homeschool Music Began

Est. 2020

Colorado Homeschool Music, Inc. (CHM) was formed out of a desire for a complete band  program for homeschoolers. Band is good for personal growth and societal growth that happens when working as a team. Instrumental education is the best for brain development; better than learning a foreign language or playing sports-but don’t throw those away either!

2 Years Later

Fast forward to two plus years and this is what Colorado Homeschool Music looks like now: Bands, Choirs, Orchestra and Drumline! Even a General Music class to get the littles started. 

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Meet Our Instructors

Photo of Marsha Brower
Marsha Brower
Founder/ Director: General Music, Band , Strings

12 years of Music Instruction in the homeschool community.
56 years of personal music education and performance experience.

Early Music Training

Marsha Brower has played some musical instrument since she was given a small electric organ for Christmas at the age of three.  Through out elementary school she played piano and recorder. In middle & high school she played French horn and alto & tenor saxophone.  When curiosity got the better of her, she borrowed a friends clarinet… fast forward to today and she has performed in small ensembles, orchestras and concert bands on alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet & bass clarinet, French horn, baritone, trumpet, soprano, alto & tenor recorder, percussion, piano, violin and cello! Marsha has studied privately on saxophone, French horn, flute, trombone, percussion and piano and attended the many private lessons her four children have taken over years on trumpet, clarinet, percussion, guitar, violin, cello and double bass. 

Teaching Background

She began her music teaching experience as an assistant to Becky Gann, band director of the Tri-Lakes Homeschool Band. When Becky’s family had to relocate due to her husband’s military service the homeschool band disbanded, and Marsha transferred her skills as a TA for band director, Nell Houser at High Country Home Educators. Hoping to encourage younger students towards music, she began teaching general music and recorder classes at High Country, as well. After Mrs. Houser stepped down as the band director, Marsha took up the baton and continued the band. She also added to her classes with bucket drumming, Pre-Band and a dedicated percussion class, even teaching choir. She also taught elementary music for Artios Academy and Twelve Stones. Beside music classes, she also enjoys teaching Spanish, French, Sign Language and History.

And then…

Marsha Brower is now in her second decade in the world of homeschool music! At the beginning of 2020 she began her independent teaching path and put her dream into action by offering an Intro to Concert Band class. There were about 10 students that participated and thus, Colorado Homeschool Music was born. 2020-21 brought challenges, but she persevered, was joined by Carol Yee, expanded to 3 classes, opened a second location in Castle Rock and still served homeschoolers. So… what exactly does that dream entail? 

  • offering musical opportunities beyond the classroom and concerts to homeschoolers
  • growing homeschoolers personally and musically through musical opportunities
  • competitions specifically designed for homeschooled musicians, individually and collectively
  • music camps
  • ensemble travel as ambassadors for performance, education and fun

Colorado Homeschool Music is in its 3rd year and has served over 100 students. The Colorado Homeschool Concert Festival was started in 2021 and the Colorado Homeschool Performing Arts Solo and Ensemble contest began in 2022. The next step will be regional and statewide Homeschool Honor Bands, Choirs & Orchestras!

Carol Yee
Director: Music, Band, Drum Line
  • 35 years of music instruction experience.
  • Former Band Director in New Jersey and Band Director of Evangelical Christian Academy, Colorado Springs.

carol yee

I received my Bachelor’s of Music Education for K – 12 from Nyack College in Nyack, New York. I began teaching in Hillside, New Jersey and for 10 years enjoyed teaching instrumental music to students 4-12, General music for 3-8 and the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade choirs. During my time teaching I did Masters studies at Kean College in New Jersey and the University of Maryland. When my husband and I moved to Colorado I taught 4 years at the Evangelical Christian Academy as the 7-12 grade Concert and Jazz Band director. These two bands traveled to music festivals in Colorado and Texas.

 When my elderly parents came to live with us I opened the music studio in my house where I enjoy teaching private lessons. Many of my private students have earned places in the Pikes Peak Honor Band, the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Adams State Honor Band and have been chosen to travel with Colorado Ambassadors of Music to Europe. My Major Performance instrument is trumpet and I love to teach brass, my second love is to teach percussion.


Hilda Bernard
Orchestra I & II : Colorado Springs
  • 10+ years of music instruction experience.
    35 Years of Musical Expreience.
  • Co Founder: summer music program for Aurora Public Schools CO

Hilda Bernard

A friend of Hilda’s said:  “Hilda Bernard is *the* best thing that could happen to your kids.  She combines her love of music, fun and children with a caring sternness that will straighten your children up and make them better musicians. Hilda has been playing the viola forEVER and studied in UNC’s music program.  She has 2 daughters and lots of enthusiasm.”  

Hilda is a viola coach with the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association and teaches violin, viola and cello in the Mozart String Program. She also teaches these instruments privately.

Hilda has performed in San Francisco,  Michigan, and New York, and Colorado (including the Denver Broncos Hall of Fame, Inaugural opening day for Colorado Rockies.  

She has also performed with Hudson Valley Ebony Strings and Hudson Valley Wire Choir as well as Chamber Orchestra of the Springs, and currently plays in the Pueblo Symphony.

Lindsay Barnes
Drumline - Colorado Springs
  • Taught Intro to Drums for 2 years at High Country Home Educators
  • Assisted with the homeschool band at High Country 2018-2019
  • Earned the title “Drum Boss” for her valuable contribution to Parade Camp in 2018 and beyond. 
  • The 2021-22 unofficial Drum Line assistant and has now officially be promoted to Official Drum Line Assistant 2022-23. 

Lindsay Barnes

Lindsay Barnes played percussion from 6th grade through 11th grade and participated in marching band on the drum line at Woodland Park High School. She taught a bucket drum class and intro to drum class at High Country Co-op for 2 years. She has been assisting Marsha Brower with her homeschool band and summer music camps since 2018.

She has a passion and love for percussion and enjoys seeing kids learning and understanding rhythm and music and is very excited for this upcoming year and what it has to bring.

Lindsay will be teaching General Music and assisting Drum Line in Colorado Springs.

When not in the classroom. Lindsay can be found driving her 6 children around in their new “small” city bus. 


Katy Crumpton
Katy Crumpton
Choir, General Music - Castle Rock & Colorado Springs
  • Bachelors of Music Ed, Vocal Emphasis
  • 10+ years of private voice instruction
  • Founder of Colorado Springs Homeschool Vocal Ensemble
  • Choir director at CHM and Wonder

Katy Crumpton

Katy has a Bachelors of Music Education, Vocal Emphasis, from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX. She finished her degree with honors in her BM program, earning the “Outstanding Student Teacher” award.


She began privately teaching in 2009 at Abilene High School and Cooper High School in West Texas, then when her family moved back to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, she began working solely with homeschooling singers, as she was a homeschooling mother herself! A large majority of her students have been homeschoolers since then, as that is where her community lies. Her students have made her SO proud, accomplishing feats such as All-State Choir, superior ratings at Solo & Ensemble Competitions and growing in knowledge of music and musicianship. In 2022, Katy began directing both choirs and teaching General Music at Colorado Homeschool Music in Castle Rock. She also took on the elementary and middle/high school choirs at Wonder, a similar arts and music homeschooling program in the Denver area. She fell in love with directing choir. This year, she will also be teaching both choirs and General Music at the Colorado Springs location of CHM.

She has sung with Abilene Chamber Singers, Mid-Cities Chamber Singers, Fort Worth Chorale, Schola Cantorum, Colorado Springs Chorale, and with Opera Theater of the Rockies, and has had many opportunities for solo work.

Other Interests:

When Katy is not with her 4 boys, voice lessons, or choir, you can find her playing tennis, hiking, reading, or even teaching art classes. She is the co-owner of Cypress School of Art as well, which began as an online art school during the pandemic. She loves roadtripping throughout the country, is a National Park geek, and trying out local coffeehouses everywhere she goes.

Jackson Kastens
Percussion & Drumline - Castle Rock

Jackson Kastens

Our new percussion and drumline instructor in Castle Rock is Jackson Kastens. Jackson is an 18 year old high school senior. He has been playing piano for 13 years and teaching for two years. Besides teaching students privately, he also plays piano for weddings, for church on Sundays, and with his friends. More than a just a piano player, he also composes, arranges and plays percussion. He is looking forward to meeting you!

Shemayah Scott
Orchestra - Castle Rock

Shemayah Scott

Shemayah Scott is 17 years old, and has been homeschooled her entire life. She has played violin for seven years, and is passionate about music. She also plays the guitar, flute, cello, and a bit of piano. She lives in Castle Rock with her parents and five siblings. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

Khayila Scott
Orchestra - Castle Rock

Khayila Scott

Khayila Scott is a cellist with more than 6 years experience on her instrument. She also plays the piano, violin, flute, clarinet, and guitar. Khayila is 14 years old, has five siblings, and has been homeschooled her entire life.

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