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“Music is a lifelong Journey”

Colorado Homeschool Music has updated class descriptions for the           2024-2025 season.

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Homeschool Music Classes

What to expect from our Music classes

What can you expect from Colorado Homeschool Music? CHM exists to bring ensemble music training and performance opportunities to the homeschool community. And not just for our students, but for all homeschooled musicians. Music performance opportunities include Solo & Ensemble Competition, Concert Festival and Summer Music Camp as of 2022. Keep your eyes open as more opportunities for homeschooled musicians are coming!


General Music

General Music Class is geared toward Students Ages 5-8. However , older students with no prior music knowledge or experience. 


Orchestra I & II & III

All String Instruments. No experience necessary for Orchestra I . Orchestra II will require an audition for new students, or be approved by an instructor.  Read on for full details


Choir I & II & III

Levels I & II. Altough these classes are for all ages, CHM will try to group by age to provide a better experience for older students. Your student will learn a variety of Music knowledge for both, Choir and General music. 


Drum Line I & II

Beginning Drum line is available to all students with at least 2 years of instrumental music education; must be able to understand and read rhythms including whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and rests. Updated 7/7/24

Band Programs

Colorado Homeschool Band Programs bring students together in an environment where they can learn, grow their skills and gives chances to perform in Band Concerts, festivals, and prepare for competitions if they decide to progress further in their musical careers



Ages 7 to 9

Pre-band is for enthusiastic young musicians that may not be physically ready for the full sized instrument they desire. The inability to play a full size band instrument lies in the physical size and weight of said instrument. Affordable specialized instruments (Nuvo) will help the younger and smaller sized student prepare for Band. updated 7/7/24


Beginner Band

Beginner Band is best suited for ages 9 and up. 

Ages 8 and up may join  coming out of Pre-Band with director approval.


Intermediate Band

Ages 10+ or younger with instructor approval based on the below requirements. 


Concert Band

Beginner and Intermediate Band is suited for ages 9 and up or 8 and up for percussionists coming out of Pre-Band with director approval.

CHM continues to grow. Established in early 2020, we are beginning our 5th season! Our instructors know the need for music education and are serious about passing on their love and understanding of music.
Marsha Brower
Founder, Instructor
Relaxed & Friendly

Parent Participation is free with student enrollment

Benefits of parent participation:

  • Learn to play an instrument or participate at your level
  • Children do what they see mom & dad do
  •  At home encouragement and instruction made easier
  • More fun to practice with a partner
  • Parents have helped us fill needed holes in our instrumental ensembles as we continue to grow

***Parent Participation is based on availability of open seats in the classroom. 

Relaxed & Friendly

Music Programs tailored to support your homeschool Family Lifestyles

The class schedule is set up to allow students to enroll in multiple classes simultaneously during the year.   Tuition allows for up to 3 classes. If more than 3 music classes are desired, approval from director(s), prior to enrollment is needed- additional tuition and fees will be applied.

Our Location

Some of our programs will use  Online Supplementation to help your students. Lesson Plans will be adopted by the instructor.

Colorado Springs


Vista Grande Baptist Church
5680 Stetson Hills Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Castle Rock


Castle Rock Baptist Church
880 Third Street Castle Rock, CO 80104


What Our Students & families say About Us

“I have noticed a direct correlation between music classes and my son's school worrk. When we had our break between semesters, he was less focused and not trying as hard. When music Classes started up again, the quality of his school work increased greatly. My son loves music and has discovered a talent he didn't know he had, both in band and choir. The instructors have been wonderful about pushing him, yet supporting him to be the best musician he can be.
Roxy- Mom
Choir & Orchestra
“My daughter started playing violin this year. She's learning so much from the orchestra teacher and all the parents are so helpful.”
Orchestra & General Music
"I truly enjoy watching the way Marsha and Carol teach the students. They have a level of quirky and fun that I don't see with most teachers. The students seem to really enjoy them. Their growth over the year has been phenomenal. Thanks!
Angela - Mom
“Posuere diam, nam neque suspendisse eget pretium pulvinar magna enim eu neque, dignissim ac sit a sed facilisi euismod nulla urna porttitor vitae consectetur amet, iaculis commodo eget in suspendisse dictum lectus.”
Mia Robertson

Enrich your child's life with music today

Music is proven to help other developmental benchmarks in math and reading and to develop problem solving skills, because it teaches the whole brain to work together.

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